Thank You for Your Support

I am so grateful to the citizens of the town for giving me the opportunity to serve on the Planning Board.

We are a special town from East Milton to Milton Hill, from Columbine Cliffs to Indian Cliffs, from Hemenway Woods to Scotts Woods, from Brush Hill Road to Hillside, from Tucker to Town Center.

Each of our neighborhoods are special and unique and contribute to our community as a whole.

It is my pledge to continue to listen to the neighborhood voices to help us make prudent choices that protect our town’s wonderful and unique characteristics, while at the same time embracing the changes we need.

I want to thank each of you for your individual support and friendship. We couldn’t have done this without your Dear Friend Card effort, your delivering flyers door to door, your reaching out to your friends and neighbors, your holding signs with me in the rain and the wind. Your efforts are what kept me going. I have a lot of work to do in the coming years, so keep in touch on all we have discussed as this is a working relationship of representation.

We Can Make A Difference!

I have so many people I want to take the time to thank directly individually in the coming days. But top of mind, I want to thank, my campaign manager and now fellow Planning Board Member, Denny Swenson, for working with me tirelessly day in and day out to create the most thoughtful and positive campaign we could have dreamed of. It’s been quite a journey and we plan to continue in the same vein serving together soon!

Many, many thanks to each of you.